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VIZSTIM was designed to help alleviate visual & vestibular balance issues at home. Our vestibular recovery tools include:

VIZSTIM At-Home Recovery Kits

VIZSTIM Certificate Course

Reaction Time Course

Vestibular Health 101

Virtual Rehab & Coaching Sessions

Dr. Ashley of VIZSTIM

Ashley Contreras, MSPT, DPT, NCS


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Improve your confidence and knowledge of vestibular rehabilitation.

Clinicians will get a comprehensive education on the use of the VIZSTIM Vestibular Clinician Kit which enhances your vestibular examination and treatment options. Our hybrid course will include the understanding of the brain’s functional neurology behind visual and vestibular functions so that one can treat the root cause of dysfunction. You will learn a comprehensive vestibular evaluation with hands-on practice and treatment techniques, and leave the course with the tools to implement immediately into your practice.

Virtual Rehab & Coaching Sessions

Virtual sessions are for those who purchased a VIZSTIM kit and would like to add a holistic wellness approach to their vestibular recovery with 1:1 coaching. Dr. Ashley Contreras is now available for virtual rehab and coaching sessions. During these sessions, Dr. Contreras will discuss your specific challenges and guide you further in your recovery from vestibular dysfunction.

Virtual vestibular rehabilitation is offered for those living in Connecticut.

Home vestibular exercises

Home Recovery is Possible with VIZSTIM

VIZSTIM is an at-home system that encourages and enhances vestibular recovery. This system consists of several kits, a brain health journal, and educational materials that all coincide with the recovery exercises for those affected by concussion, balance issues, and/or vestibular dysfunction.

VIZSTIM at-home recovery kits for vestibular dysfunction

What people say about VIZSTIM

"I’m so grateful for my vestibular kit from VIZSTIM. I have suffered from vestibular loss for over 10 years, and I am thrilled to finally have an accessible program that I am able to do at home. Dr. Ashley is wonderful; her instructions and videos are clear and easy to follow."

Marla M.

"Dr Ashley was instrumental in my post COVID recovery. With her continued support, vestibular kit, and suggested exercises I was able to gradually improve which made a huge difference in my exercise endurance, coordination, headaches, dizziness, brain fog, balance, and fatigue. Dr. Ashley is amazing at what she does."


"I was so excited to hear about VIZSTIM! It fills a gap in concussion recovery by providing the tools necessary to guide both clinicians and patients. It is what we therapists have been waiting for!"

Sarah B.

"Upon using the VIZSTIM kit for balance issues I find it very helpful as it directs you through your needs. I'm not one to visit doctors frequently and this allows for home use with ease. The program is innovative and the videos are easy to follow."

Al M.

"VIZSTIM is a great at home exercise option for patients who are unable to attend physical therapy. I would recommend VIZSTIM to patients. Thank you Dr Ashley for taking the time to educate me on VIZSTIM."


"I started working with Ashley after I was in a car accident and the effects of a concussion made it difficult to do day to day things. When I first started, I was having headaches, blurred vision, nausea and a lot of fatigue from doing even the smallest tasks. Ashley was very thorough in her assessment of my condition and commitment to creating exercises that would simulate the activities provoking my symptoms. The progression of the visual and vestibular activities provided just the right challenge for me at each phase of my recovery and helped me to better understand my condition in order to take a more active approach to my recovery. After working with Ashley and using her vestibular and visual resources, I have been able to resume all of my daily activities, symptom-free!"

Emily P.